After 34 years after struggling and be addicted to tabaccoo, I have been 1 year and 1 month free of it.
I just would like to leave a leave a testimonial homenage to him and to his organisation.
Thank you

Category:ClientsAntonio Barrueco, Spain

I am VERY HAPPY to inform you that it's been 16 weeks since I intoxicated my
lungs with harmful chemicals!

I have been offered cigarettes, clubbing, drinking wine and doing everything I associated with smoking, and have not once even entertained the idea of lighting up! IN FACT, ALL THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN MORE ENJOYBLE THAN WHEN I WAS SMOKING!

My nicotine monster died a QUICK and painful death and in all honesty, it was a pleasure to feel him die!!

I have truly never been happier and cannot even believe I smoked in the 1st place! To have done it at the age of 23 (after almost 9 years) is officially one of my greatest accomplishments!

I don't smell ghastly from smoke in any way,I breathe better, I am much more awake and all round completely healthy!!!"

Kobus de vries, Cape Town

"Dis ongelooflik gedink ek sal nooit op hou rook nie . Ek kry nie eers lus vir dit nie .Dankie ek is ook vry !!!!! van die duiwel."



I would like to thank Allen for changing my life. The method made me stop smoking so easily. I am preparing my first half marathon, it would have been impossible before stopping. I have no words to express my gratitude.

Category:ClientsElisa Trognacara, Italy

I’m now a non-smoker! Thank you Allen!

Rebecca Hammond, Dubai

I quitted smoking 8 years ago.
8 years of freedom, counting.
Thank you Alle

Category:ClientsAndrea Stefanelli, Italy

Thank you for writing a great book
Thank you for choosing to help people
Thank you for writing the right words
Thank you for giving me information on how to free myself from slavery

I’m still on my fourth day, but the feeling and the mental state I’m in, are all I need to know that I have a smoke free future ahead of me.

Thank you

Category:ClientsTracy Chayeb, Lebanon

I booked the Saturday stop smoking course with Sam. I was 14 when I started smoking and I was 41 when I stopped. After a solid 27 years and having literally tried EVERYTHING!! I really didn’t believe that I could stop. I took the course because it was free with my health insurance, and it was the best thing that I have ever done. So much so, that I recommend Sam and Allen Carr to everyone. Since I have quit four of my friends have booked the course with Sam and she has had a 100% success rate. ALL FOUR OF THEM HAVE QUIT!!

Thanks Allen Carr and thank you Sam. I honestly believe that I would still be a smoker today if it wasn’t for the Allen Carr seminar.

Category:ClientsPeter Doolan, United Kingdom

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the stop smoking course that I attended in East London. I was and still am surprised at how easy it was to stop smoking. After numerous attempts in the past I must admit I was very sceptical beforehand that the Easyway clinic would help me and if I am very honest I might even admit that I was hoping that it would not help as I could not imagine a life without cigarettes. 

Thanks to you and the session I think literally my life was saved. I am so grateful and sincerely thank you for helping me with this severe addiction....

Yippee I’m a non smoker




Category:ClientsAndy, UK

I smoked a pack a day for 12 years & NEVER thought I’d be able to quit. I tried everything from hypnosis to going cold turkey & honestly was really skeptical about Easyway when my brother recommended it. The book really helped change my perception about smoking & my ‘dependancy’ – I think it’s a combination of the book giving me the tools I needed + genuinely wanting to quit & making that effort to make it happen. It’s only been a (little over a) month & I genuinely hope I never relapse but so far I don’t feel like I even want to smoke again. Thank you so so much!

Category:ClientsArthi Rajagopalan

You probably don't remember me but I attended your Session on the 22nd of Jan. I just wanted to tell you that I haven't touched a smoke and Wow yesterday was a month!!!

Thank you thank you thank you, I wouldn't have been able to do it without having been to your session."

Category:ClientsFilip J, Macedonia

Dear allen,





Category:ClientsMhamadalayan, Lebanon