Gracias al libro "Es fácil dejar de fumar, si sabes cómo” conseguí dejar de fumar en menos de un año (fui fumadora durante 10 años sin parar ni un sólo día). Leí el libro dos veces y resultó. Ahora voy a cumplir 3 meses sin fumar ni un sólo cigarro.


Category:ClientsElena García, Spain

Thank you very much for helping me shut up the smart ass in my mind who were tirelessly finding a reason for me to keep on smoking for over 7 years. Right now, he has no proper arguments just because there is no proper argument for smoking in the first place. Your book is the tool that helped me realize this.

From a 25 years old medical student


Category:ClientsKarim M. Abuzied, Egypt

Dear Allen,

Even I’m young it was a huge winning for me to stop smoking after 15y. Last cig was 2 months ago and I don’t even remember of that. How can it be so easy after all the failed attempts before reading the book? Well, I’m saying this to all my friends that quit smoking can be easy and all of them asking why I spent so many years doing that. Yes, that’s true. I don’t even know what to say but try to persuade them to read and see the benefits of leaving that horrible vicious out of my mind and body.

Again, thanks a lot. Now I feel free and life is enjoyable the same or better.

All the best,
Diogo Abreu

Category:ClientsDiogo Abreu, Portugal

Thank you! I am 19 years old and i’ve been smoking since i was 14. A have three weeks now and i’m feeling great.

Category:ClientsSemeș Ștefan, Romania

un peu plus de 10 ans que je fumais. Jusqu’à 2 paquets par jour…je pensais ne jamais m’en sortir..plusieurs tentatives ratées..puis on m’a parlé du livre..et depuis 3 jours je suis libéré ! Je suis ex-fumeur et heureux de l’être ! Un grand merci !

Category:ClientsNicolas Lemarchand, France

ch bin endlich Nichtraucher ! Danke Allen Carr für die Befreiung der Selbstversklavung!

In liebe Valentina

Category:ClientsVivienne, German

I am Milica, born at 1983. I was the smoker for almost 20 years. Allen`s "Easy way to stop smoking” was a great experience. I have been free from cigarettes for two weeks. Moreover, I feel like nonsmoker, I feel like it lasts for years, but not weeks. Thank you, Allen!

Category:ClientsMilica Popovic Stijacic, Serbia

do not now how to thank mr CARR for this wonderful method to quit smoking, you must be in heaven thank you legend

Category:ClientsMounir free, Morocco

I smoked since I was 13 years old. I am now 32. I tried all the regular ways to quit and cut back, a couple of times I even almost managed, but always "fell off the wagon” after a while. Reading this book took the wagon away, there is no longer a wagon to fall off. The road is mine to walk as I wish, without the burden of trying to keep my balance on a wagon.
I honestly lost track of my smoke free time now, I had to check the calendar to see when my last day with nicotine was. That’s the beauty of this way, I no longer care about it. I don’t feel the need to keep track of it. I don’t walk around thinking about not doing it. I don’t miss it. I’m not bothered by other smokers. I neither envy nor pity smokers I come across.
But once in a while, like today, I come across something that reminds me that I was once a heavy smoker, and smile to myself. It feel so distance. As a memory of a dream.

I can completely and honestly say, I am free. And still feel joy of being free those few times it does cross my mind.

Also my health improved in a way I didn’t think possible. All those separate issues I had, that I blamed on other different things, are solved!
My feet and hands no longer turn to icicle, as they used to do even during summer. My circulation is normal and no longer constantly freeze. I thought it was just the way I was, but it was the smokes all along!
I can breathe smell and taste things in a way I didn’t know was possible!
I don’t get common colds as often as I used to.
My nails and hair look a million times healthier. My teeth are no longer yellowish.
But best of all: my 2 year constant mucus cough is completely gone!!! I can breathe so easy and clearly. Running isn’t even a problem any more!

Thank you Allen Carr, you saved my life. <3

Category:ClientsLindås Lindell, Sweden

Anfangs las ich nur 2 kapitel. Dann legte ich das Buch ein paar Tage zur Seite, denn ich wusste instinktiv dass ich, wenn ich weiterlesen werde,,mich vom Rauchen befreien werde.
Also ich dann weiter las verschlang ich das Buch förmllch und wollte so bald wie möglich dem Elend ein Ende setzen.
Diese Buch ist ab sofort meine Bibel in der ich vorallem zur Anfangszeit dinge in Errinnerung rufen werde.
Ich bin seit dem 19.8.17(Also noch ganz frisch) ein Glücklicher Nichtraucher. Danke Allen Carr für dein lebenswerk und auch Danke an alle.

Category:ClientsMüller Pascal, Switzerland