I have been smoking for the past 30 years, and trying to quit for the past 10 years!!!

I wanted to quit so much! I tried everyday!
It wasn't easy!
Without the help of Karma from Allencarr Easyway I don't think I would have made it ever!!
Now i am so proud to say I am an EX-SMOKER!!!
Thank you Karma.

Category:ClientsMona Hawa, LebanonArtist, Painter

Hurraaaaa ich bin endlich Nichtraucherin…thanks for all.
Best regards from switzerland.

Category:ClientsMiri, Switzerland

Thank you Allen Carr EasyWay. I stopped 10’years ago today. Thought I’d never quit but with your help I did. And it was easy to do so too” THANK YOU

Category:ClientsPhil Whitehead, United Kingdom

Good morning.

Dear mister Carr.

I am Happy to announce that (once-again) you have cured me of that awful disease.

Indeed i am very grateful for your right doings.

It is truly a blessing to be free again and i am looking forward to lead a normal life.

I am Sending you warmest & kind greetings from the Netherlands .

Manu Berry yet another happy non-smoker.

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Category:ClientsManu Berry, UK

thank you thank you. you just helped me to stop smoking

Category:Clientsmohamed zaroura, Palastine

Thank you very much. With deep appreciation for Allen Carr’s work. For his family and his colleagues to know he helped me quit. I’m from Catalonia, in Spain, And I’ve recommended it to my friends who are in the same blindness I was before

Category:ClientsJordi, Spain

Hello I want to tell you that I have left cigarettes . I smoked for ten years and now do not smoke more than a month and I’m really happy

Category:ClientsAna, Poland

i’m so happy !

Category:ClientsHeidi Winkler, Austria

اعاهد الله ونفسي والجميع اخر سيجارة ادخنها الان الساعة 7:45 بتوقيت مصر صباح يوم 2 يونيو 2016

Category:ClientsBassem Kassem, Egypt

I’ve been a smoker for 14 years and would certainly have been for the rest of my life, averaging about two packs a day. I was so addicted that no one except myself believed me the day I said I quit after reading the Easyway, but here I am 3 months later enjoying a healthy nicotine free life. Allen Carr’s way has managed to free my mind even more than my lungs from this addiction. Thank you for all the great work. Cheers! and greetings from Jordan

Category:ClientsAli Smadi, Jordan