What happens to your body when you quit smoking & how long does it take to fully recover?


So you’ve been smoking for a long time and you think it will be hard to quit so is it worth it? The good news is that the human body is an amazing creation and starts healing in less than 20 minutes after that final cigarette. We discuss both the short term and long term effects to your body and mind.


Good news, it is worth stopping smoking for your future health!


The good news is that the human body is an amazing creation and starts healing much faster than you would imagine. In fact less than 20 minutes after that final cigarette your body will begin to improve. We will discuss both the short term and long term effects below based on the findings by Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC:








·         Freedom and no desire to smoke or take substitutes like gum

or vaping Providing you quit with Allencarr’s Easyway


20 mins



·         Heart rate and blood pressure drop closer to normal.

·         Hands and feet will also warm up to their usual temperature

·         Socialise with smokers with no envy or fear of smoking again

Providing you quit with Allencarr's Easyway

2 – 12 hours



·         Carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal

·         Nicotine in your blood has halved

·         Muscles and brain function is better because more oxygen is

 now in the blood stream

·         Withdrawal / cravings occur when quitting with many methods

but not with Allen Carr’s Easyway


          24 – 48 hours






·         Heart attack risk reduces. If you smoke a pack a day you are

twice as likely to have an attack than a non-smoker but after a

day smoke free this reduces.

·         Smell and taste improve because the nerve endings begin to

regrow according to Cleveland Clinic

·         Lungs will be cleaning removing the junk left from cigarettes

·         Asthma can get worse as the lungs clean but is temporary

·         Nicotine is no longer in your body


2 Weeks to 

3 Months



·         Heart attack risk reduces further.

·         Lung capacity and performance will regenerate and according

to the American Heart Association enabling intense activities

such as running

1 to 9 Months



·         Coughing will no longer be a hacking

·         Shortness of breath will decrease

·         Energy will increase

·         Illness will decrease such as fewer colds



1 Year


·         Heart attack risk drops to half that of a smoker



5 Years



·         Heart attack risk is now that of a non-smoker

·         Cervical cancer risk is now that of a non-smoker

·         Mouth, throat, esophagus and bladder cancer risk is now


10 Years


·         Lung Cancer risk is now half that of a smoker

·         Mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, larynx and

pancreas cancer risk drop




              15 Years



·         Heart disease risk is now that of a non-smoker

Allen Carr’s Easyway has been described as ‘a real smoker’s way to quit’. You carry on smoking until you’re ready to stub out your final cigarette. Easyway doesn’t focus on the downsides of smoking – smokers know all about those already. Instead the method answers the question ‘What’s so great about being a smoker?’ Understanding that is the key to being set free.