Is vaping safer than smoking and is it harmful or bad for you?

It is likely that vaping is safer than smoking but it is definitely harmful to you and definitely bad for you. Some people have compared vaping instead of smoking as being like falling from the 10th floor of a building rather than the 20th floor. There is integrity to this comparison although it’s not a simple consideration.

    1. Vaping/e-cigarettes do not contain many of the poisons and toxins that cigarettes do;

      yet it is far from harmless. There is very little long term evidence into the harm that vaping causes and by the time it is available do you want to have been vaping for 10 years? It’s unlikely to be great news and the advice you will receive will be to quit. Why not just quit nicotine now?

    1. Big Pharma and Big Tobacco win when you vape rather than simply quit smoking;

      the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical industry make a lot of money from nicotine addicts. By vaping you are making sure that you keep giving your money to them rather than spend it on yourself or your family.

    2. The Government win when you vape instead of quitting smoking;

      the government make lots of money from smoking and they will be delighted when you decide to vape rather than just quit nicotine. It’s not just the tobacco industry and pharmaceutical industry that relies on addicts to give them money without question.

    3. The ingredients of e-cigarettes and vape juice are often unknown;

      e-cigarettes and the liquid that vapers use is often purchased from small retailers who are unregulated and uncontrolled. You have no idea where their ingredients came from, how much nicotine is contained in them or how much of the other chemicals and toxins are contained in them.

    4. Being addicted to something is harmful;

      you are controlled by a drug and forced to spend your money on it instead of spending it on yourself or your family. You don’t want to keep yourself poor by giving your money to the e-cigarette companies and the government.

    5. Vaping may be less harmful than smoking;

      but it’s not necessary to do either. It is much healthier and much easier to simply quit smoking and quit vaping. Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking is a method that helps with both issues.

    6. You wouldn’t want your child to vape;

      no-one likes the idea of their children being addicted to things. Watching them do something that is damaging their health and depriving them of their money is extremely upsetting for a parent.

    7. Rather than vape in an attempt to quit smoking – just quit smoking;

      it is easy to quit smoking when you know how. You need to find a way that ensures that you don’t feel deprived, that way you’re not tempted to smoke or to use substitutes. Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking & Vaping helps in this way.